1 – Our international team

Our team speaks several languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. This offers therefore the possibility of making the link between the foreign booksellers and suppliers.

2 – Our knowledge of the book world

Salvador Garzón, ex representative and exporter for Hachette, creates this original structure in 1984 surrounded by employees also coming from different part of the book trade. Garzón Diffusion International is in this way able to understand booksellers’ needs, helping them to import books published and distributed from abroad: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil and more recently, Argentina, United Kingdom, United States and Germany.

3 – Selection of new titles in each language

We regularly propose a selection of new titles in diverse languages and from various fields such as fiction, children’s books and art. Furthermore, we inform you about important publications, bestsellers and also promotional offers from the publishers.

4 – Our geographical and publications knowledge

We have travelled globally for more than 30 years, working with booksellers in 27 different countries. We also work with 28 publishers-distributors and we always attend the important international book fairs. We are well informed of what is going on in the book world and pass the information to our booksellers during our regular visits.

5 – Our customer service

Our team is made up of 6 persons from whom 5 representatives constantly travel in Europe and South America. The booksellers are informed of new books, advised to choose the most important titles from the backlists and helped with any problems they might have. A member of the team is based at the office in Paris in order to respond to emails, phone calls, etc, constantly in contact with the representatives. So, whether we are abroad or from the office, we are always available to answer your enquiries at any time.